Wilderness School Classes

Course List 2023 / 2024

Half Day Classes

Short on time? Here are some great options for you

Wild Edibles and Medicinal Plants Walk – 2 hours $49
Join Deane on a foragers adventure while she shows you the local edible plants as well as the different medicinal uses. This class usually ends with a cup of tea brewed from the plants you collected along the way. Great for all ages

Basic Wilderness Survival – 3-4 hours $89
Get the basics everyone should know on what to do in a survival situation. Learn about the items you should carry with you, how to make shelter, fire and how to find food. Family friendly

Archery and / or Throwing Axe – 2 hours $49
Come and learn how to properly shoot a bow or throw an axe. A range of targets are set up and if we have a small group we can even offer a bit of a competition. Fun for all ages. We provide the equipment or if you have your own you are welcome to bring it.

Primitive Fire Making – 2 hours $49
Learn different methods of fire making through the ages. From the bow drill right up to more modern technology. Adults and supervised teenagers only

Cheese Making – 2 hours $49
Learn how to make soft cheeses from start to finish. Then sit and enjoy your finished product, we will supply the crackers you can bring the wine.

Cordage – 2-3 hours $49
Identify and harvest local plants, process their fibers and turn it into string and rope for multiple purposes. Family friendly

Fire Starting Through the Ages In Depth – 4 hours $85
A journey through time learning fire starting methods from stone age to modern day: friction fires, fire piston, flint and steel, as well as related fire skills – Seasonal

Knife Craft – 3 hours $79
Things to look for when purchasing a knife, how to properly sharpen your knife, choosing the right sheath. The right knife can help you survive in an emergency situation, learn how to use your knife in many creative ways.

Emergency Kit Use – 3 hours $85
Prepare for a worst case scenario whether camping, hiking, car travel or the unforeseen. Learn what to pack and how to make the most of your emergency kit – Or we can help you evaluate your existing bag.

Full Day Classes

Atlatl Making – Full Day $125
Handcraft and learn to use this amazing spear throwing device, then take it home. Go on, google it.

Bushcraft 101 – Full Day $125
An intro to basic bush skills: not sure where to start, this is the course for you.

Prepping – Full Day $125
Learn how to prepare yourself for hard times with basic skills such as canning, food preservation, understanding provisioning, trade goods and services.

Prepping 2 – 2 Full Days $250
Day 1 same as above, day 2 more in depth and first aid and emergency kits, bugging out vs bugging in, basic self defense, preparing home and family.

Shelter Building – 2 Days $250
Learning how and where to build an emergency shelter under varying conditions and spend the night in your shelter (optional).

Family Survival Skills – 2 Days $250, Kids $75
Emergency Wilderness Survival for the whole family, basic survival skills every child and adult should know. A fun and educational getaway for the whole family.

How to Book:

Courses are run by appointment only so please contact us.
Phone: 250 674 2126
or email: wolfwoodguestranch@gmail.com

2 day classes include: Two full days of learning (7-8 hours each day) camping spot, experienced instructors & course materials.

All prices in CDN $ plus applicable taxes

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner available for a fee or feel free to bring your own

Custom courses and corporate team building seminars available on request.